MALIPHANT Family History and Jamborees

NEW Family History charts

September 2018

I have changed the way our charts are presented now, hopefully making it easier and clearer.
Also, a number of people have expressed concerns regarding their data being freely available from our website, so I am addressing this at the same time.

As far as we know, John Maliphant (b. 1691) is believed to be the single ancestor for all the living Maliphants and as such he is our major reference point.

The charts are split in to 5 levels, based on generations (see the Reference Numbers explained page for details) :

  1. Chart 00 - The early Maliphants of the 13th and 14th century - estimated as generations 26-34
  2. Chart 01 - The top of our tree from Harry (b. Abt 1520) to John Maliphant - generations 36-40
  3. Chart 02 - The historical part of John's tree - generations 40-43
  4. Charts A-O - Our Primary Charts - generations 43-46
  5. Our Secondary Charts - generations 46-51 - NB: All living people are in these generations
  • All charts on the first 4 levels will be placed here on our website and be freely available to everyone as sadly, there are no members of generation 46 or earlier still alive that I am aware of
  • Level 5 Secondary Charts are available by emailing a request to me, and are only available to the members of that Secondary Chart
    • This restriction will mean that living people's information is restricted to only those that (most likely) already know the people on the Secondary Chart.
      In my case, the top of my Secondary Chart are my grandparents - I wish they were still here to enjoy our fun :-)

Start by finding out your new Primary and Secondary Chart references by selecting the Find your Chart link on the left.