MALIPHANT Family History and Jamborees

2010 - The 2nd MALIPHANT Jamboree
Date:   August 14th
Venue:  The Beaufort Arms, Bristol

Happiness.   Joy.   Elation.   Fun.

That sums up my feelings of the day - tinged of course with an element of sadness ....

I'm sure we'll all have specific memories of the day (apart from the ****** rain of course!!), mine are just of a bunch of fine people, connected by the vagaries of an extended family, settling down for a series of fascinating story telling and fact swapping.
Many thanks to those of you who could make it to Bristol.

Over the next few weeks I'll try and collect/collate/publish any stories you wish to send to me - as well as any pictures of course!
The first pictures can now be found on the 2010 Jamboree Pictures page on this site - click and enjoy !

I think it's fair to say there will be another Jamboree - it's only a question of when and where :-)
Watch this space as they say .....
Well, watch your inbox if you are on my email list - and if you're not, visit the Contact page on this website and get in touch with me :-)

More later

August 16th 2010


Some factlets from the 2010 Jamboree .....

  • 21 people were there on the day
    • 9 of them were attending for the first time