MALIPHANT Family History and Jamborees

2009 - The Inaugural MALIPHANT Jamboree
Date:   August 1st
Venue:  The Beaufort Arms, Bristol

WOW !!!!

What a day ..... full of emotions and happiness.
I'm sure we'll all have specific memories of the day, mine is just a warm feeling that it went so well - many thanks to those of you who could make it - despite the best efforts of the weather to put us off!
Over the next few weeks I'll try and collect/collate/publish any stories you wish to send to me - as well as any pictures of course!
The first pictures can now be found on the 2009 Jamboree Pictures page on this site - click and enjoy !
I think it's fair to say there will be another Jamboree - it's only a question of when :-)

More later

August 2nd 2009 16:30


Some factlets and stories from the 2009 Jamboree .....

  • 28 people had said they hoped to attend
    Some couldn't, others came unexpectedly, so ...
    32 people were there on the day (see list below)
  • The oldest person attending was Gordon Maliphant aged 83
    The youngest person there was Sophie Charlesworth aged 5
    The youngest Maliphant there was Master Henry James Maliphant aged 8 (Sophie's cousin)
  • We now have to sort out which of the THREE Crests are valid - maybe all of them ??!!
  • The person who travelled the furthest was Evelyn Morris who travelled by train from Upminster, Essex
    The longest car journey was by Ken Maliphant and his family from Beckenham, Kent .... and it'd still have been the longest even by the direct route (no further comment  ...)
  • Bruce's favourite quote/chat of the day (with Sophie Charlsworth):

    Bruce:    How old are you then ?
    Sophie:   5
    Bruce:    When were you born ?
    Sophie:   July
    Bruce:    Which day in July ?
    Sophie:   Monday !!!
    ................ which is actually true, she was  born on a Monday :-)
  • The "event of the day" was no doubt 1st cousins John and Ken meeting for the first time - I'm sure that will lead to some further meetings for John and his 'new' relatives too!